About Huddy Health

Why Huddy Health Exists

Huddy Health created tools and services to enable individuals and their loved ones to be actively engaged in all aspects of their healthcare, from their initial diagnosis to treatment options. Our objective is to help individuals make the best, informed decisions about their health and wellness.

Fulfilling Our Vision

We use holistic health data to offer a patient-driven virtual personal health assistant, an insight platform, tools, and services. By doing so, users can be engaged and actively participate in their health and, as a result, better manage their diagnosed or undiagnosed condition and symptoms.

How Huddy Health Does This

We will provide the latest technology and science (e.g., machine learning, IoT, data analytics, behavioral science, genetics, biology, etc.) to assist our users and their loved ones. 

A byproduct of our work will allow for the sharing of health care knowledge, increase understanding of disease progression, mitigate symptoms, improve compliance, enable research, and empower communication with healthcare professionals.

Our Core Values

The Huddy Health Core Values are vital for what we do. These fundamental principles have and will guide our present and future. Huddy Health is committed to fulfilling these Core Values through our actions, decisions, and products. 

  • Continual Improvement – We know that your life with a chronic condition can improve, and our products and services can too. 
  • Control Your Data – Your health information is yours.
  • Commitment – We are committed to helping one another overcome health obstacles and reach desired health outcomes. We are in this together! 
  • Diversity – Everyone brings a unique perspective to a topic, and great ideas happen when everyone feels heard. 
  • Independence – You have the right to be actively engaged in your health and treatment plans and make autonomous health decisions.