How to Customize your Alerts and Notifications

Customizing your communication settings can help you control exactly what notifications you get and where and how you receive them.

  1. Tap on the Settings gear on the top right corner of the Huddy Health home screen.
  2. Tap the fifth menu item, Communications. 
  3. A dropdown menu opens with three different categories – Communication Settings, Reminders, and Discussion. Communication Settings allows you to enable or disable receiving communications to your app inbox, account email, or directly to your device (push notification). 
    • Logging Reminders remind you to track your symptoms so that Huddy Health can effectively help you. 
    • Forecast Alerts evaluate changes in your life (based on your stored data) and predict changes in your symptoms. 
    • My Reminders remind you about notifications or reminders you set. 
    • Resource Recommendations are the shared articles or videos that are relevant to your logged condition and symptoms. Reminders for resource recommendations are sent directly to your app inbox.
  4. To enable your Communication Settings, slide the switch to the right. Blue means that you set your notification for that location (i.e., push, in-app inbox, or email). 
  5. To save your changes, tap Done.