How to Add a “User You Journal For” to your Care Team

  1. Select the Teams icon from the bottom footer of your Huddy Health home screen. Note: The Teams icon is on the right.
  2. Tap Add a new team member.
  3. Select the bubble next to User I Journal for, and tap select.
  4. On the next screen, you will enter basic information for the new user, like their name, date of birth, gender, and select the reason for setting up the account (e.g., finding a treatment or the cause of symptoms). Tap Next.
  5. A pop-up appears on the next screen, encouraging you to get started. Tap Continue. 
  6. To start entering symptoms or conditions to track, tap the magnifying glass on the top right corner of the screen and begin typing. Locate and tap the symptom to add it to the Journal. When you add a condition, you will have the option to check all of the related symptoms. If you notice that one or more of your symptoms is not listed, tap Add More on the bottom left corner of your screen and type in your symptoms. Tap Next to move onto the next screen.
  7. If you know the supplements or treatments, tap Add on the lower-left corner of the screen. Follow the steps for adding a treatment or action. If you don’t know their supplements or treatments tap Skip to add at a later time.
  8. To save the information to the profile, tap Done on the top right corner of your screen.