Huddy Professional

Simplify Your Process

The Huddy Health Compass can help streamline your intake process ⎯ through the new patient intake assessment or simply building a compass. The Huddy Health platform also allows you to install your sophisticated protocols or quickly and easily create yours.

Increase Engagement with Your Patients

The Huddy Health app also collects patient-reported data that gives you a holistic understanding of your patients (new and returning) and enables you to stay informed about their health, progress, and concerns. The Huddy Health app sends you alerts when your patient’s data is out of range, preventing worsening symptoms or conditions. 

The Huddy Health offering allows you to:

  1. Attract new patients 
    1. publish your protocol as a Huddy Compass and let patients find you
  2. Automate the intake process
    1. Use the Huddy New Patient intake assessment or create your own using the Huddy Compass Builder
    2. This automated streamlined process will save you time and effort
  3. Provide a more informed clinical service
    1. By gathering real-world patient reported data you will stay informed on your patient’s health and concerns
    2. Exception reporting – you will only be informed when a measure you specified is out of range
    3. Track your patients progress
  4. Retain your patients longer
    1. A more engaged patient is more likely to continue seeing you