Managing Asthma


Huddy Health offers robust reporting that tracks and presents your asthma symptoms, evidence, and even treatment. Our treatment reporting presents valuable data, such as when to take your medication, when and what to specifically take it with, and more personalized analytics, that allow you better to understand your chronic condition.

Our Physician Reporting gives you a portable and easy way to share all of your pertinent data with a doctor, to discuss at the appointment.

The Huddy Health application easily connects to your smart device, such as a Fitbit, Withings, Apple HealthKit, and Google Fit. You also have the option to manually enter your information.

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Predictive Analysis

Predictive Analysis was built to help you find possible predictors of your symptoms. This data is displayed by a graph that explains your log of triggers, based on the time period you choose (week, month, year), that gives you the best understanding of how they connect to your symptoms, over time.

Monitor Your Asthma Symptoms

Huddy Health Asthma Compass helps track and manage your symptoms, triggers, and other lifestyle factors that impact their condition, based on the National Institute of Health’s guidelines (NIH). The asthma Compass provides you an easy-to-use symptom journal, that provides immediate feedback at the time the symptoms are logged

With self-reported information (i.e., mood), relevant wearable device data, and other metadata, such as weather, these reports can present data that helps guide your health decision-making, allowing you to become your own best healthcare advocate.

About Huddy Health

Huddy Health was created to solve the lack of personalized chronic condition focused applications on the market. Many of our team members have personal experience with chronic illness and the health industry, and know something needed to change.

With Huddy, you have a virtual health assistant that supports your asthma health goals with continuous feedback, lifestyle advice, and behavior adjustment.

Desktop Application

Have increased accessibility with our web based application. It allows you to securely log, view, and share your information from anywhere with a computer.

Personalized Reporting

If you or a loved one have chronic illnesses we provide the tools needed to track varied or multiple conditions.

Care Team Collaboration

Keep your loved ones up to date with your concerns and decisions using tools that support your entire care team.