Preventing COPD & Reducing Risks

COPD is a chronic condition. That is to say, it doesn’t go away. Once you have it, you have it. There are things you do to manage your symptoms. And also to prevent serious complications. But, unfortunately your can’t cure yourself. However, you can slow complications.

There is some good news. The good news is that risks don’t guarantee you’ll develop COPD. Actually, they just mean that you have a higher chance of developing it. So, there are things you can do when it comes to preventing COPD and reducing possible risks for developing COPD.

Preventing COPD:
  • Don’t smoke!
  • Stop smoking if you’re a smoker. This slows the rate of lung function decline
  • Avoid second-hand smoke. Namely, avoid public areas where there’s smoke
  • Stay away from environmental irritants as best you can
  • Open your windows when using chemicals
  • Stay away from highly polluted areas
  • Avoid outdoor activities when there’s poor air quality
  • Wear a filtered mask if you’re around irritants or pollutants
  • Stay away from people with respiratory infections
  • Stay up-to-date on your shots. Such as, flu and pneumonia
  • Test for genetic conditions that increase your risk for developing COPD

Slowing Complications of COPD

Like we said, you can’t get rid of COPD. But, you can slow your risk of COPD complications. And, you can manage it. This keeps it from getting worse.

  • Stop smoking, especially if you have COPD! This is the BEST thing you can do for your health
  • Stay away from irritants
  • Take your medications