Huddy Health Helps with Your Asthma

Our product is for educational purposes only. You cannot use the product to evaluate, treat, or diagnose any illness. Nor does the product does not replace the need for professional attention. Seek immediate medical attention if you or someone you know experiences sudden or life-threatening symptoms.

Who We Are

Huddy Health is a digital healthcare platform that empowers individuals, caregivers, and families living with chronic health conditions. Our goal is to help you actively engage in your healthcare to make the best health-related decisions. To do this, we develop products and tools that educate you about your condition, treatment or management options, and advances in healthcare.

Get a Better Understanding of Your Asthma with Huddy Health

Asthma is a chronic condition, and adjusting to a life with asthma is not always easy. Without support and information, tools, or resources, people struggle. However, this does not have to be your experience. Having asthma doesn’t mean your life will be limited. Huddy Health helps you lead active and healthy lives with asthma!

Control Your Asthma

Long gone are the days when you have to take a passive role in your health. Let Huddy Health help you take an active approach to control your asthma. Huddy Health gives you the information you need about asthma, its causes and triggers, and different options for managing or treating your condition. You are not alone in your health journey!

How Huddy Health Helps

Huddy Health supports you along your asthma journey by providing you with tools to empower you.

  1. Care Suggestions

Huddy Health guides your search for answers by providing you with current information about asthma and therapy options.

2. Advocacy

Huddy Health believes that you are your best health advocate. We want you to feel confident to assume this role or to do so on someone’s behalf. You can use our curated information on asthma to participate in healthcare discussions and make better health decisions.

3. Management

You can become more organized by logging, tracking, and monitoring your asthma-related symptoms and treatments from your desktop or mobile devices. The Huddy Health platform safely stores all of your information in one place; thus, making it easier for you to access your personal health information.

4. Care Team Discussions

Do you have a health-related question to ask your healthcare provider but have a visit scheduled months out? No need to worry! Use the Huddy Health patient portal to communicate with your providers, team members, and loved ones about your asthma between your visits.

Care Suggestions

Have you or your loved one experienced unexplained symptoms? Have your visits with specialists left with no more information than you came? Huddy Health understands your frustration. You want answers and to feel supported on your journey.

Our product can not diagnose any condition. However, Huddy Health products can educate you about the conditions that resemble or mimic your asthma to help with your search for answers. Learn about the treatment approaches that suit your needs. Huddy Health provides you with information about your asthma and the latest asthma treatments 1


The only way to advocate for your best health outcome is to be informed about your condition. But how does one do this? Where do you start? We created Huddy Health with your self-advocacy in mind! The Huddy Health app offers you information about asthma, its symptoms, causes, and even different management and treatment options. However, we do it without the intimidating healthcare jargon.

Your care team involves more than just your providers and specialists. While it is true that they are the experts in their respected fields, you are the expert on your health experiences. You are also a valuable member of your team. Huddy Health wants to empower you to be confident and active participants in all of your health-related discussions.


Management is crucial for controlling your asthma. In fact, the first step to gaining control of your asthma is to manage your symptoms and triggers. The Huddy Health app makes asthma control easier. You can log and monitor your health data on the Huddy Health platform to identify any changes in your symptoms or condition. Also, you can share your information with your care team in between your visits.


Different people make up your asthma care team. There’s yourself or your loved one with asthma, doctors, nurses, breathing specialists, and your family members. Regular communication with your team members is crucial for you to be in the best health.

There are some things that your team members should know about your asthma, like changes in your symptoms, triggers, and your response to treatments. Huddy Health understands that you often communicate with your team members during your visits. Thus, sharing information with everyone adds to the responsibilities you already have living with the condition or caring for someone with asthma. You don’t need any additional stress.

Let Huddy Health help you stay in communication with your team. Our patient portal allows you to share information with your doctors, loved ones, or team members. But that isn’t all. The portal also allows your team members to communicate with each other. Don’t allow time or distance to get in the way of the communication you deserve!