Mind-Body Medicine Practices for Asthma

Mind-body medicine practices are different from the other complementary and alternative medicine treatments discussed. The primary difference is that mind-body practices do not require you to use any medications or supplements for your healing. Instead, these practices focus on using your mind to improve your health. With mind-body medicine, your mind is your medicine. These practices involve the use of mental imagery and exercises, breathing, and body movements. A few examples of these practices include yoga, meditation, and tai-chi.

Using Mind-Body Practices

No two practices or techniques are the same. Some techniques focus on the power of your thoughts and include practices like relaxation, hypnosis, and biofeedback. The belief with mind-body medicine is that your mind impacts your physical body – positively or negatively. Therefore, altering your mind state should have a positive effect on your health and body. Other practices incorporate physical exercise with meditation, like yoga and tai chi. Neither of those practices involves strenuous movements.

Things to consider

  • Mind-body practices may not work for everyone. Some people may not see any results.
  • Muscle relaxation during yoga can slow airflow. Slow airflow does not necessarily trigger your asthma, but it can cause other health conditions.
  • Imagery techniques do not help with your overall lung function. What this means is that you may feel better, but your lung function may not change.