Huddy Health Helps with COVID-19

Our product is for educational purposes only. You cannot use the product to evaluate, treat, or diagnose any illness. Nor does the product replace the need for professional attention. Seek immediate medical attention if you or someone you know experiences sudden or life-threatening symptoms.

Who Are We?

Huddy Health is a digital healthcare platform that empowers individuals, caregivers, and families living with chronic health conditions. Our goal is to help you actively engage in your healthcare to make the best health-related decisions. To do this, we develop products and tools that educate you about your condition, treatment or management options, and advances in healthcare.

Understand COVID-19 Risks with Huddy Health

We are facing unprecedented times. COVID-19 is a threat to our health, safety, and economy. Naturally, this can induce feelings of fear ⎯ fear of exposure, infection, and possible complications. However, you do not have to live in fear. The Huddy Health COVID-19 self-assessment tool helps you stay proactive about your health. 

  • Assess your risk of a COVID-19 infection
  • Self-assess and self-monitor your symptoms
  • Determine your next steps (e.g., self-isolation, seek medical attention) 

Stay Informed about COVID-19 Development

State and local health departments offer guidelines to resume operations during this ongoing health pandemic. New COVID-19 developments occur daily. Thus, health departments and agencies update their guidelines to reflect new information. Huddy Health keeps you up-to-date on recent COVID-19 developments.

How Does Huddy Help?

Huddy Health helps you stay informed about your COVID-19 risk(s).

Risk Assessment

Use our COVID-19 self-assessment tool to assess your risk of exposure or infection.

Symptom Management

Log, track, and monitor your respiratory symptoms from the convenience of your smartphone or device. Make informed health decisions based on your collected data. 


New developments in COVID-19 transmission, guidelines, and vaccination efforts occur daily. Huddy Health keeps you educated on the latest information.

Risk Assessment

Do you live in an area currently experiencing a COVID-19 outbreak or a spike in cases? Are you or your loved one members of a high-risk or at-risk population? We are a year into the pandemic. However, COVID-19 is still a threat to our health and well-being. Thus, an ongoing assessment of exposure and infection risks is the best way to keep yourself safe. Huddy Health offers tools and products that provide peace of mind during these uncertain times.

Symptom Management

Have you been in contact with a suspected positive case? Are you or your loved one experiencing respiratory symptoms that resemble COVID-19? You can use the Huddy health app to log, track, and monitor your respiratory symptoms. Also, you can use your health information to make informed decisions about your next steps, like when to seek medical attention.


New developments in COVID-19 variants, transmission, infections, guidelines, and vaccination efforts occur daily. Therefore, to keep yourself and your loved ones safe, you must stay informed on the latest developments. Huddy Health uses reliable sources to produce COVID-19 content with you in mind. You can use our content to learn more about the current state of COVID-19. The content we curate is easy to digest and can support discussions and meetings.