Reopening Businesses During COVID-19

COVID changed the way businesses were run. States sheltered-in-place. As a result, people worked-from-home. However, this didn’t mean businesses were in the clear. Many essential businesses did alright. They were able to stay open or reopen during the early stages of the pandemic. However, others weren’t so lucky. In fact, this global health pandemic greatly impacted their business functions. Some chain businesses closed stores. On the other hand, some businesses closed due to bankruptcy. Despite this, most businesses were able to stay afloat.

Things are changing. That is, restrictions are lifting. Employers want to resume business. States encourage businesses reopening. As the result, they’re asking workers to come back to work. However, their top priority needs to be keeping workers safe. COVID is still a global threat. Thus, businesses need safeguards to reopen safely. Safeguards protect you. In short, they make it safe for you to return to work.

  • Stagger shifts, start times, and break times. This limits traffic in buildings
  • Run hazard assessments
  • Keep a healthy work environment
  • Limit physical contact between employees 
  • Train staff on prevention
  • Give workers with PPE
  • Plan for absent workers
  • Assess business functions and adjust them if necessary
  • Separate sick employees from others
  • Provide flexible time off