Reopening During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Understanding Phases For Reopening During COVID-19

Red Phase

  • High spread risk
  • Strict restrictions
  • Shelter-in-place order
  • Non-essential businesses are closed

Yellow Phase

  • Moderate spread risk
  • Moderate restrictions
  • Non-essential businesses can reopen at 50% occupancy. But, they must follow state-imposed building safety orders
  • Indoor and entertainment facilities remain closed. For instance, movie theaters, hair and nail salons, gyms, and casinos

Green Phase

  • Lower spread risk
  • Fewer restrictions
  • Businesses reopen and operate at 75% occupancy. However, they MUST follow guidelines for cleaning and social distancing!

States moved from red phases to yellow or green phases. What does this mean? A number of things. First, restrictions can ease. Next, they can start the different stages of resuming business. Businesses can reopen. In short, things start to go back to “normal.” However, states have to prioritize public health and safety. In short, their main focus should be keeping you safe. But, how can they do this? States have guidelines. These guidelines are based on government recommendations. And also the state’s response to the global pandemic. Businesses use those guidelines to come up with safeguards. The safeguards allow them to open safely during COVID.

State guidelines are NOT universal. Each city/county has their own set of guidelines. Their guidelines are based on the number of cases, and their control. Still, communities with higher risk have guidelines that are strict. This is to prevent further spread. On the other hand, communities with lower risks have less strict guidelines. There is risk associated with reopening. Communities should expect new cases. In fact, they need to prepare for them.

Safeguards aren’t a one-size fits all. In fact, businesses should create their own safeguards that fit their needs. Their safeguards do NOT replace state or local health guidelines. They’re not meant to do that. However, they are supplemental.

States are reopening for different reasons. The main reason? Economic normalcy. COVID is still a threat. Thus, people may not feel comfortable going back to work or with businesses reopening during the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses consider this threat. Many allow staff to still work-from-home. However, some businesses ask workers to come in. You shouldn’t feel pressured. Especially during a pandemic. Worker protection laws keep you safe.