Elderly man looking out a printed out Huddy Health Clinician Report

Advanced Analytics and advanced reporting

Standard Reports

Huddy Health offers robust reporting that tracks and presents your symptoms, evidence, and even treatment.

The Clinician Report gives you an easy way to share all of your pertinent data with a doctor, which you can discuss at the appointment. It can be either in hard copy form or as an online report.

The Treatment Schedule Report provides you in one place a list of all your treatments along with the frequency and dosage. A great report to share with your clinician.

A graph of Huddy Health predictive analysis

Predictive Analysis

Predictive Analysis was built to help you find possible predictors of your symptoms. This data is displayed by a graph that explains your log of triggers, based on the time period you choose (week, month, year), that gives you the best understanding of how they connect to your symptoms, over time.