Technology Architecture Overview

Core API in the Cloud

Huddy is backed by a Google Cloud-hosted set of APIs. This API covers an extensive domain including tracking and measurement, content, communications, interfaces to external APIs and user-user relationships. The API is supported by background engines that are updating and calculating the latest information based on inputs that have been collected for each user.

Support for mobile and web

We build cross-platform clients on iOS, Android and the web. They all leverage the same API and the ability for an individual user to access their data using multiple devices or interfaces. We highly recommend and support users using both mobile and desktop products.

Calculating state

At the core of all of our clients we use a sophisticated state engine to respond to changes in the data and client activity. This allows us to detect things like when you’ve been feeling bad and remind you what you’ve done in the past to feel better. It also provides the backbone of our Compass feature and our Compass Builder product.

Data, data, data

A key feature of Huddy is the ability to see your health data or data that affects your health collected in one place. If you have multiple conditions, our framework supports the idea that you can track those conditions together, share that information with others whom you trust and see in context with data collected from your devices, your medical records and environmental sources.

Analyzing that data

Huddy’s background calculation engines are constantly looking at your data to see if there are any patterns or trends that might be useful to you. We use this as the basis of making predictions, forecasts and insights. In addition, in our desktop product, we provide visualization tools that let you drill into your data and see things like what was different about a particular day, patterns in your habits and when you felt bad vs. when you took your meds.