Huddy Health White Label Offering

You have the clients and the domain expertise.  Jump start your ability to offer a real-world patient reported outcome and insight platform.

White Labeling the Huddy Health platform allows you to:

  • Get to market quickly and cost effectively
  • Test your product market assumptions
  • Save upfront development costs
  • Generate revenue quickly
  • Leverage our years of development
  • Stay focused on your core competency
  • Not get spread too thinly 

The Huddy Health platform provides you all the tools and modules you need to get started now:

  • Data aggregation (Google Fit, Apple HealthKit, Fitbit, Withing, Medical records via FHIR, other)
  • User logging and tracking
  • History
  • Care Team Connections and discussions
  • Notifications, reminders
  • Personalized content
  • Reports and Analytics
  • Insights
  • All API driven
  • Mobile and Desktop
  • Sophisticated state-engine architecture 
  • A proven and tested solution
  • Ability to plug in your proprietary algorithms and datasets
  • Use the Huddy Compass Builder to create a condition specific offering, whether that is as a digital therapeutic or as a more sophisticated assessment platform

If you are an Online Health Community, Digital Health Publisher, Digital Health Software firm, a Clinical Provider, a Healthcare Payor or a Clinical Research Organization, give us a Call to Discuss if this is Right for you.