What we Believe

You Have the Power to Make Your Own Health Decisions

You are the expert when it comes to your health. Likewise, you have incomparable firsthand experience as a caregiver or loved one of someone with an illness. Don’t give someone else the responsibility of making important decisions for you or your loved one or ensuring that all of your health needs get met. Huddy Health offers you evidence-based products, resources, and information to drive your health-related decisions.

You Are the Expert on Your Health

You know better than anyone else about your health and health-related experiences. But the conventional healthcare system doesn’t always acknowledge the value you or your team members bring to your care visits. Together, we can change that. Huddy Health wants you to feel confident about your health and health data!

The Value of Your Network

Humans are social beings with a natural desire to want to help each other. Your support network is no different. Your support network not only adds value to your life but also helps you reach your health goals. Huddy Health encourages consistent communication, collaboration, and data sharing between yourself and your team members to support you on your health journey.

Own Your Data

It is frustrating to have to go through multiple people or prompts to get your health information. We believe that this creates an inconvenience and decreases your engagement in some aspects of your healthcare. We believe that you need access to your health data to stay engaged in your healthcare and also make informed decisions about your health at any time.

We Want Change

Conventional medicine practices tend to place providers, physicians, and health systems at the center of healthcare. For patients, this can create a reluctance or hesitance to rely on these practices for a cure. Healthcare systems can progress. But this progress has to start with you, the whole patient, being the focus. Huddy Health believes this change is possible and that we are the spark.