How Huddy Health Aids Individuals

Do You Want a Change?

We created our tools and products with the individual, loved one, or family serious about participating in their health in mind ⎯ managing their condition, improving their symptoms, or simply wanting to feel more involved in the health-related decision-making process. We empower and support our users to take more responsibility when it comes to changing their health outcomes.

Huddy Health Is a New App

Several apps focus on a single aspect of health and wellness ⎯ weight. However, weight loss isn’t everyone’s objective for optimal health. And there are few apps available for those people. Huddy Health offers solutions for people or loved ones living with a diagnosed health condition or undiagnosed symptoms whose goals are to manage their condition, control their symptoms and life, and make the best decisions possible about their health.

Remote patient monitoring

You can use our app to connect with your provider to have electronic communication about your health and health-related needs. The journal feature allows you to log your symptoms and monitor your health. Our customizable alerts and reminders keep you on track with your symptom logging and treatment schedules. We also provide you with resources to educate you about your condition, symptoms, and treatment options.

Be The Support They Need

Roughly 133 million Americans live with a chronic condition. Your spouse, child, friend, or loved one needs your support to reach their goals and get in their best health. With the Huddy Health app, you can be the support they need with the “teams” feature. As a team member, you have a few options. You can log and monitor trackable health data on a loved one’s behalf. Or, you can help them monitor their trackable data and support and encourage them on their journey.