Build Huddy Health Compasses

Assess Your Patient’s Condition with a Compass

Huddy Health offers Compasses, a continuous health assessment platform configured to your patients’ specific conditions! You can use the Compass to assess and score different aspects of their health, like their symptoms, and receive a trackable score over time, along with automatically populated trackable information.

Visual of the compass building process in Huddy Health

Build a Compass

The Compass Builder tool uses the Huddy Health intelligence platform to make it easy for anyone, from medical clinicians, health community leaders, firms, and individuals, to create and publish customizable health assessments to monitor and manage conditions. You can build a compass for individual use only or create one for more general use. The choice is yours!

Exercise Control

The Compass Builder tool gives you complete control over creating a condition-specific assessment. You control the question prompts, scores, suggestions, trackable, and security. You can gather real-world data to assist in your patient’s diagnosis and care.

The Compass Builder allows creator/publisher to have complete control over:

  • the assessment questions
  • the scoring
  • the suggestions
  • the symptoms to track (trackables)
  • If the Compass should be private or public