Huddy Health app on phone showing how to journal for a headache

Monitor Your Condition with a Huddy Health Compass

Do you want to monitor your health, but your next care visit is weeks away. Huddy Health has a solution: the Health Compass. The Huddy Health Compasses are an easy way for you to measure your health in between your visits. All you do is answer a few questions about your condition; then you receive suggestions for your next steps, and the Huddy Health app populates trackable information based on your score. The Compass Builder tool enables anyone to create and publish a Compass, giving everyone the ability to monitor their condition. 

You Are not on this Journey Alone

Life with a chronic condition can make you feel alone. But, you are not on your health journey alone. Huddy Health is your virtual health assistant; with you at every step. Huddy Health encourages you to stay focused, remain active in your health, and accomplish all of your health goals.

Create a Plan of Action that Works for You

Healthcare providers tend to use a uniform approach for managing conditions. But, this ignores you, your unique experiences, and your needs. You know better than anyone else the impact your condition has on your life. Huddy Health works with you to create a plan of action that puts your needs first. 

Be Proactive About Your Health

How often do people wait until their health worsens before they react by seeking medical treatment? You don’t have to be one of these people. You can prevent your condition from worsening and improve your quality of life. Huddy Health is an innovative digital healthcare platform that encourages you to stay proactive about your health.