Beta build 0.0.34 – 10/27/2021

Bugs and features addressed:
  • Refactored treatments to match new spec
  • Fixed as needed display in logging to fall under treatments rather than evidence
  • Added functionality for treatment reminders and custom treatment schedule support

Beta build 0.0.33 – 8/12/2021

Bugs and features addressed:
  • Fixed homepage ideas for you scroller
  • Fixed loading bug in evidence history graph
  • Tweaked scrolling in evidence history graph to comply with the spec
  • Added auto-selection for notes and moods
  • Added note/mood date to page title
  • Added support for treatment photos in history
  • Fixed heatmap and improved heatmap UI

Beta build 0.0.32 – 7/23/2021

Bugs and features addressed:
  • Added in-context note/mood logging to the journal
  • Refactored the historical journal layout for notes, moods, and events
  • Added a yesterday log value indicator to the symptom widget

Beta build 0.0.31 – 7/13/2021

Bugs and features addressed:
  • Updated trackable indicators and descriptive words to support the 5 point color scheme

Beta build 0.0.30 – 7/8/2021

Bugs and features addressed:
  • Added user event tracking to the ELK stack

Beta build 0.0.29 – 6/25/2021

Bugs and features addressed:
  • Removed inactive trackables from journal
  • Added prefilled entry in notes
  • Improved heatmap accuracy
  • Fixed a number of heatmap issues
  • Split heatmap by treatment into multiple heatmaps

Beta build 0.0.28 – 5/28/2021

Bugs and features addressed:
  • Fixed bugs in journal and ideas for you on homepage
  • Updated sign in/sign up pages

Beta build 0.0.27 – 5/21/2021

Bugs and features addressed:
  • Refactored journal UI
  • Fixed issues with the support tool

Beta build 0.0.26 – 5/14/2021

Bugs and features addressed:
  • Updated support tool to include AppleID users

Beta build 0.0.25 – 5/5/2021

Bugs and features addressed:
  • Updated support tool
  • Updated Epic FHIR support
  • Fixed issues with reports

Beta build 0.0.24 – 4/21/2021

Bugs and features addressed:
  • Made deeplinks work through sign in
  • Fixed logging success indicator
  • Fixed sidebar display

Beta build 0.0.23 – 4/13/2021

Bugs and features addressed:
  • Added a flow to upgrade a journaled for user to a real user
  • Added condition analysis to advanced analytics
  • Removed appleid emails from displaying in the support tool
  • Fixed issue with logging bottom bar overlay
  • Supported routing from condition analysis to journal history

Beta build 0.0.22 – 3/30/2021

Bugs and features addressed:
  • Updated support tool
  • Updated score details
  • Fixed score card updating state
  • Fixed scrollbar
  • Updated donuts

Beta build 0.0.21 – 3/23/2021

Bugs and features addressed:
  • Teams refactor
  • New home page trackable card layout
  • Navbar beta badge fixes
  • Compass and homepage score tweaks
  • Nav from trackable views on homepage to trackable in logging correctly
  • Compass conditions scores route to condition logging
  • Logging is now separated by condition

Beta build 0.0.20 – 3/5/2021

Bugs and features addressed:
  • Treatment event creation
  • Fixed an issue with the help button on some devices
  • Fixed resource bugs
  • Added beta badge to the nav bar

Beta build 0.0.19 – 2/26/2021

Bugs and features addressed:
  • Enabled the disabled fixes from the last update in discussions
  • Fixed an endless spinner when trying to add a company to a profile
  • Reorganized profile page into tabs
  • Re-styled company stuff
  • Added loading state for company stuff
  • Changed company add modal to use the right dialog component
  • Added a comfirmation prompt for removing a company
  • Disabled companies for journaled for users
  • Made the navbar help button functional
  • Improved the condition/symptom search UI in onboarding
  • Fixed issue causing journaled for users to be deleted
  • Fixed issue where the cursor wouldn’t change when hovering over resources
  • Fixed issue where changing profiles caused the home screen to hang
  • Fixed COVID compass not displaying on Compasses page
  • Fixed browser caching issue
  • Fixed issue where the basic reports edit button did nothing

Beta build 0.0.18 – 2/19/2021

Bugs and features addressed:
  • Moved back date of birth selector start month/year
  • Fixed issue where the date of birth was different than what was selected
  • Made the date of birth selector open to the selected month/year and show the existing selection if there is already a date of birth selected
  • Added placeholders to the date of birth and gender selectors
  • Added a way to clear your date of birth selection
  • Restyled date of birth and gender selectors to match other create account inputs
  • Fixed gender selector hitbox issue
  • Fixed scaling issues with gender selector, date of birth selector, and agree checkbox
  • Fixed an error caused by the gender selector
  • Fixed issue with keyboard shortcuts while selecting date of birth
  • Now displaying correct names for non-manual trackables in Advanced Analytics
  • Changed default display from grid to most improved graphs
  • Renamed some of the graph categories to be more clear
  • Renamed ‘Adherence’ to ‘Percent Logged’
  • Added a description to the graph in predictive analysis
  • Normalized the data in the graph in predictive analysis
  • Added warnings for predictors is using very little data
  • Moved the edit button
  • Added a way to leave a discussion that you did not create (currently disabled awaiting huddyapi merge)
  • Fixed invalid date logging issue

Beta build 0.0.16 – 2/5/2021

Bugs and features addressed:
  • Fixed regex covid card bug
  • Fixed report time generated
  • Data explorer clarity improvements
  • General bug fixes

Beta build 0.0.15 – 2/2/2021

Bugs and features addressed:
  • Added report generation
  • Bug fixes

Beta build 0.0.14 – 1/29/2021

Bugs and features addressed:
  • Updated assets
  • Bug fixes for advanced analytics

Beta build 0.0.13 – 1/26/2021

Bugs and features addressed:
  • Bug fixes

Beta build 0.0.12 – 1/15/2021

Bugs and features addressed:
  • Added advanced analytics

Beta build 0.0.11 – 1/8/2021

Bugs and features addressed:
  • Added Privacy agreement when you sign in with Google
  • Fixed bugs with covid card
  • Fixed visual bugs with importing health data

Beta build 0.0.10 – 12/18/2020

Bugs and features addressed:
  • Fixed bug with averages on the covid graph
  • Changes to onboarding UI
  • Fix for google registration
  • Fixed home page sign in hanging
  • Overhauled navigation to journal to make notes more accessible

Beta build 0.0.9 – 12/11/2020

Bugs and features addressed:
  • Added covid card
  • Fixed help tooltips
  • Fixed bugs with user search
  • Fixed a bug causing profile not to update immediately
  • Refactored flow for login to match mobile
  • Fixed styling in journal
  • Fixed layout issues in huddy homepage cards to fit space better
  • Changed icons in logging and journal
  • Added floating tool palette to logging
  • Fixed ‘name’ field in treatment/evidence/symptom creation pages

Beta build 0.0.8

Bugs and features addressed:
  • Changed wording of report placeholder text
  • Changed wording of symptom logging
  • Journal sidebar sorting by and displaying conditions for symptoms
  • Improved the AQI card
  • Changed the default communications settings

Beta build 0.0.7

Bugs and features addressed:
  • Added Google Analytics

Beta build 0.0.6

Bugs and features addressed:
  • Custom moods update

Beta build 0.0.5

Bugs and features addressed:
  • Help tooltip system was added