Huddy Health For Partners

Functional and Integrative Clinicians :

Encourage Your Patients to Be Proactive

Routine care visits allow for early detection and prevention of health issues. However, the time in between these visits is equally crucial for detection and prevention. The journey to optimal health is a collaborative approach that involves your expertise and consistent participation from your patients. Huddy Health is the tool that empowers your patients to be proactive about their health. With our tool, your patients can monitor their conditions and address health-related changes as they arise.

Implement your Digital Therapeutics Offerings

The Future of Healthcare

Soon, technological advances will change how healthcare establishments operate. Dr. Tryggvi Thorgeirsson, CEO of Sidekick Health, predicts that in the future, individuals with chronic health conditions will need a digital health companion that empowers, supports their active participation, and allows them to connect remotely with their team. Your investment in and use of the Huddy Health platform will enable you to offer your patients digital therapeutics to do just that.

Clinical Research Organizations and Pharmaceutical Firms:

Get Real Data from Real Patients

We agree that people need better medical care ⎯ medicine is one option. You need data to understand the efficacy of certain drugs and to speed up the development of others. However, locating that data can be a challenge. Huddy Health is a partner that offers reliable data from the most underused source: patients. 

Medical Publishing Companies:

Personalize Your Patient’s Health and Medical Content

Your core competency is to create and publish evidence-based health, wellness, and medical content. With the Huddy Health app, you can deliver content to your readers related to their unique health symptoms, conditions, and treatments.

Health & Wellness Bloggers and Influencers:

Encourage Your Followers

You have a following of loyal subscribers who value your thoughts and opinions. The Huddy Health app is a virtual health assistant that easily aligns with your health and wellness brand and can optimize your follower’s health.

Health & Wellness Online Communities:

Empower Your Community

By using Huddy Health, you’re offering your community members a tool that will empower them to remain actively engaged in their own and their loved one’s health. The Huddy app is customizable, so you can create a white-label offering that targets each of your health communities.