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Tools to Take Control of Your Health

Together, You Can Reach Your Goals

Huddy Health offers you the option to add team members to your user profile. On the one hand, you can add team members and allow them to view your stored data and stay updated on your health progress. On the other hand, you can add another member whose data you’ll be tracking, such as a child/children, parent, spouse, or loved one.

Expand Your Knowledge

Want to learn more about your or your loved one’s condition but don’t have the time to locate resources? Huddy Health has got you covered! In the app, we offer condition-specific resources to your user profile and inbox. On the desktop, you can browse our content hub to stay up-to-date on your condition.

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Stay on Track

Customize alerts and reminders to help you stay on track with symptom logging, monitoring, and treatment schedules.

Get the Tools You Need to Make a Change

Huddy Health believes that you are your best advocate. You know your health experiences firsthand. Thus, Huddy Health provides you with the right condition-specific resources and recommendations to support you as you take charge of your health, enhance your knowledge, and make the best decisions possible.

Multi-Messaging Options

Receive messages through different channels, like your desktop inbox, app, or directly to your email inbox. Whatever your preferred method of correspondence, Huddy Health is sure to deliver!